July 15, 2012

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A Brighter Eye for Taurus

image by Ábrahám Tamás, Hungary

The beginning of today was fantastic due to the conjunction of planet Venus and Jupiter, the waning crescent Moon and the Pleiades. Fortunately the pre-dawn sky was very clear, the Milky Way was shining crossing the sky above me. Later some clouds appeared but there was no problem with it just helped me to complete the compositions. I know the great attraction will be tomorrow when the Moon will hide Jupiter and its moons. Considering the weather forecast unfortunately the morning will be cloudy but I will be awake at any rate...

Ábrahám Tamás

Technical Details
Hely, idõpont/location, date: Zsámbék, 2012.07.14. Felszerelés/equipment: Canon EOS 400D, EF-S 18-55 mm

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