July 15, 2008

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Greek Theater Mask

south up images by Domenico Licchelli, Italy.

Domenico's two images provoke two comments. As he suggested to me, the image on the right is reminiscent of Greek masks that telegraphed to the audience emotions of humor or tragedy. The shadow-filled crater Fabricius is the gaping mouth, with Janssen J and K the startled eyes. The right image also emphasizes the rise in the middle of Janssen and the peculiar highland rille that curves through it. The low lighting also suggests the presence of a narrow rille-like crevice perpendicular to the large rille, running towards J. The little depressions that cause the crevice can be seen in the higher Sun image, but don't help interpret what it is. And welcome Domenico - a new contributor to LPOD!

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
See image.

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