July 12, 2020

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A Moonless Night

Originally published January 29, 2011 LPOD-Jan29-11.jpg
NASA image

I just got back from an event honoring the Challenger crew and the tragedy of 25 years ago. My university group includes a Challenger Learning Center, the educational space experience founded by the families of the Challenger crew. We brought in as speakers the Rocket Boys, three of the small town West Virginia rocket experimenters immortalized in Homer Hickam's October Skies book and movie. Ex-astronaut Jon McBride spoke of his experience and his friends in the Challenger crew. I talked briefly of working with Christa McAuliffe to help her prepare her lesson to be taught in space. It wasn't a somber evening, it was in fact, a time to acknowledge the triumph of the Challenger Centers in providing engaging and inspiring science adventures to hundreds of thousands of kids each year. If you have a Challenger Learning Center nearby you should find ways to help them continue to transform lives, at least for the half day kids spend in their spaceflight simulators.

Chuck Wood

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