July 1, 2020

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A Great New Tool

Originally published January 18, 2011 LPOD-Jan18-11.jpg
LRO browser showing Curtius crater from LRO WAC Browser

While waiting for new LRO images to be released I overlooked an unheralded new facility developed by the LRO camera team. The browser to search for individual LRO images previously had as a background either the old USGS shaded relief drawing or the Clementine mosaic. But now the background image is a global mosaic made from LRO Wide Angle Camera (WAC) images. This unannounced upgrade means that a reasonably high quality view is now available for nearly any place on the Moon. For me this new browser will replace the USGS Map-a-Planet tool for finding pictures of lunar features. The LRO browser includes Clementine and Lunar Orbiter mosaics and overlays of longitude and latitude grids and crater nomenclature (including lettered craters). If you find a particular feature of interest you can click on the enlarged image and drag it on to your desktop. I did that and added a few images to the Moon-Wiki. Why don't you add some too. Just find a feature on the Wiki that doesn't have a good image, and add one. Simple. Thanks to Maurice Collins for pointing out this browser to me!

Chuck Wood

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