January 5, 2004

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South Polar Wilderness

Image Credit: Brian Jeffrey

South Polar Wilderness

Most observers point their telescopes at the mare regions of the Moon - and part of the reason is that it is far easier to find things there! The further you get from the maria, the more the Moon appears as a wilderness of crater piled upon crater. One of the most difficult regions to find your way around is near the lunar south pole. Brian Jeffrey explored this area at full Moon on Feb 16, 2003 when the terminator slid around from the west, passed the pole, and moved to the east. His technical details suggest that the south pole may be less confusing than modern imaging techniques!

Technical Details:
"I used my 102mm f/5 chinese refractor with x2 barlow, IRB filter, Mogg adapter and Toucam Pro webcam. Avi's were captured in K3CCDTools, processed in Registax and finished in PSPro5. For this image, 135 frames were captured at 5 frames/sec, shutter 1/250sec, gamma 5%, brightness 60%, satn. 0 (greyscale), gain 10%. K3CCDTools pixel meter Registered 200/0. 20 best frames were stacked, wavelet processed and the resulting bmp was converted to a reasonable-sized jpg." - Brian Jeffrey

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