January 4, 2015

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Rising Moon

Originally published January 4, 2004

LPOD-2004-01-04d.jpeg LPOD-2004-01-04b.jpeg LPOD-2004-01-04c.jpeg
Image Credit: Christine Churchill

Rising Moon

The Moon is much more than merely a scientific body for study. It is an object that many people have venerated and enjoyed in numerous ways, probably for more than a million years. Christine Churchill of Sonoma, California, reflects this long tradition in her comments on her photo series of the rising Moon:

The Moon is very special to this valley I live in (which is aptly called the Valley of the Moon), and when it rises, it always seems to come here first. I hope I have captured its essence and timeless beauty.

Full Moon rising in the Valley of the Moon, January 2003. Homemade 10" Dobsonian telescope, Sony Mavica 4M pixel camera attached to the 40 mm eyepiece (afocal photography).

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