January 29, 2012

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40 years after Armstrong - take a step on the Moon!

image by Peter Rosén, Stockholm, Sweden

A couple of years ago Peter displayed some of his exquisite astro images in Stockholm. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11 he made a photographic carpet using a huge enlargement of one of his better pictures and invited visitors to take their own first step on the Moon 40 years after Armstrong. This proved very popular and is an idea that many of us might copy for public astronomy outreach events. Something like this on a much larger scale was famously done at a astronomy conference where the recently acquired Lunar Orbiter IV large image strips were laid out on a gymnasium floor and covered with large sheets of plastic. Famous lunar scientists walked in their socks or crawled on their hands and knees to see this first marvelous view of the Moon in high resolution. Peter has found a way to joyfully share that experience with everyone.

Chuck Wood

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