January 28, 2018

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Happy 8/8/8

Originally published August 8, 2008 LPOD-Aug8-08.jpg
image from Kaguya/Selene Image Gallery

Get out your red/blue glasses for the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency has just released two stereo images made from the high resolution Terrain Camera images of Tycho. Some amateurs did this within a day of the original image release but these are official stereo views. You will have to tell me about them because I can't see stereo. But I know from looking at the non-stereo image that the multiple gray flat patches at the base of the terraces are impact melt ponds. Late stage ejecta of melt came pouring out of the sky, some was trapped in topographic lows caused by backward-dipping tops of blocks that slid down Tycho's rim - see cross-section drawing on p. 13 of The Modern Moon. Some of the melt flowed like lava rivers down the rim - see the smooth braid of melt near the center of the scene. The other thing to notice in this stereo view, I suppose, is the drops in elevation from the rim crest down various terrace blocks. It must be a lovely scene!

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
Another stereo image looks across Tycho's floor with the central peak in the middle.

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