January 28, 2013

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Your Destination?

LRO image of Aristarchus from NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University

Early this month the Washington Post newspaper asked a few astronomers - non lunar ones - where they would want to land on the Moon if they could travel there as a client of the new company, Golden Spike. One person said the Apollo 11 site for the history of it. Another proposed destination was Aristarchus and Schröter's Valley, although not having a lunar surface vehicle means two trips (@$750,000,000). Once on the Moon the astronomers would love to witness a solar eclipse or even a lunar one, and jump up and down in 1/6th G. Golden Spike believes that most of their clients will be scientists wanting to collect samples and conduct research. If you were to book a lunar trip where would be your preferred nearside destination and why? And what might you do on the surface, as a human, to celebrate being the 13th human on the Moon? (Hmm, would you want to be the 13th human on the Moon? Remember Apollo 13?)

Chuck Wood

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