January 19, 2021

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Moons And Stars

Originally published July 2, 2011


image by Rob Kaufman, Bright, Victoria, Australia

Fred Espenaks's eclipse site is the standard reference for the geometric circumstances of an eclipse, but Rob's multiple image montage gives a more dramatic feel for the size of the Earth's shadow that the Moon crossed on June 15. Rob writes, The partial eclipse phase images have been arranged to simulate the Earth's umbral shadow, to scale. The background is a separate image of the starfield in which the eclipse occurred, taken several weeks ago. The uneclipsed full Moon and two images of the penumbral eclipse lead into the partial phases. The juxtaposition of the bright Moon in front of the starry background is a scene we can never witness but it would be an improvement of the universe if we could. Astrologers talk of the Moon being in a particular house of the zodiac but imagine how beautiful it would be if we always saw the Moon against the full panoply of stars. That woud be the best of all worlds.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
15 June 2011 UT, 17:00 - 20:00. Canon 400D on tripod for Moon images; piggybacked Canon 400D on EQ1 mount for starfield.

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