January 14, 2009

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A Little Bit of Mystery

image by Verio, identity and location unknown

It is fitting that this is a difficult region to identify for the submitter of this image to the LPOD Photo Gallery is also unknown to me, except for the login name of Verio. I immediately recognized this area because of the boundary from the middle left arcing to top center. To the right the terrain is lower, with the lowest bits filled with mare lavas. There are only a few named features in the scene, but the bottom center crater is perhaps unique with the small crater cutting its rim. I know where this is but I'm not going to tell. Do you know where it is? And what is the significance of the curved scarp?

Chuck Wood

UPDATE: The imager is Andrés del Pozo.

Technical Details
2008-11-16. LX200R 8" + QHY5.

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