January 13, 2004

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Apollo 15 Panned


Image Credit: Moonpans (and Apollo 15 astronaut Jim Irwin)

Apollo 15 Panned

It was so long ago that it seems science fiction rather than fact, but humans have been to the Moon. After the grab and go, proof of concept Apollo 11 mission, astronauts progressively spent more time on the Moon with more sophisticated tools and experiments. In this 1971 Apollo 15 panorama taken by Lunar Module Pilot Jim Irwin, Commander Dave Scott is seen packing core tube samples into the Lunar Rover, with the Lunar Module (LM) Falcon to the left and the towering Apennine Mountains in the background. They are at Station 8 in a series of geologic traverses that totaled 27.9 km and resulted in the collection of 76.8 kg of lunar samples.

Technical Details:
This piece of a longer panoramic mosaic was assembled by Mike Constantine from about 20 separate images using Adobe Photoshop.

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Charles A. Wood



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