January 11, 2022

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Three, not in a Row

Originally published February 26, 2012 LPOD-Feb26-12.jpg
image by Stefano De Rosa, near Turin, Italy

Today where I live in Wheeling was cloudy day and night, with blustery winds and a dusting of snow. The astronomical sky may exist but there is no direct evidence here. Luckily, I - and others who missed it - can enjoy Stefano's evocative image of the Venus and more distant Jupiter conjunction with the Moon shining over the ruins of the medieval Avigliana Castle, located some 25 km from Turin. This is a fine photo, just as Hubble images are, but it is difficult to beat the visceral feeling of being out in the atmosphere under the night sky, with the cosmic photons falling directly onto your own eyes.

Chuck Wood

Technical details:
February 25, 2012. Canon Eos 5D MK II; Canon 25-105 mm f/4 L IS USM set @ 24mm; Exp: 6 sec; ISO 3200; f/4

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