January 1, 2022

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Another Country Heard From

Originally published February 16, 2012 LPOD-Feb16-12.jpg
image by Juan Maria Diaz, Gran Canaria

This is a fascinating area with three major rille families that just barely interconnect, plus the rille/fault that cuts the mare lavas in Boscovich (just on the right edge). But what I love most is that it is an image submitted out of the blue by someone new to LPOD. 1700 people typically view LPOD each day but only a hundred or so submit images in a year's time, so it is great to welcome some of the other 1600. In this case the submission was in Spanish, the first time LPOD received a submission in another language. Fortunately, from my residence in Nicaragua I can understand Juan Maria and I say back muchas gracias for his excellent image.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
31 de Enero de 2012 a las 20:30 TU. LX200 GPS 10" y Barlow 2X de Vixen, con una DMK31AU.03 y filtro de bloqueo IR Baader.

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