February 7, 2017

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Schiller Times Six

Originally published May 5, 2007

drawing project organized by Sally Russell, England

The bizarre footprint shaped crater Schiller (number 59 of the Lunar 100) is a popular target with photographers and sketchers alike. This composite image represents the work of six astronomical artists from across the USA and England, covering a time period of nearly three years. Schiller is seen most dramatically at or around days 10-12 of a lunation, and this is reflected in the lunation days annotated on each individual sketch. A variety of sketching media and techniques (including white pastel or Conte crayon on black paper, and graphite pencil or charcoal on white paper), plus an array of telescopes, and a wide range of magnifications, were used for these renderings. Though they are individually unique, they are complementary to each other, and as a group have captured much subtle detail in this feature under the various librations and fractional lighting differences.
(With the kind permissions of Michael Rosolina, Rich Handy , Eric Graff, Jeremy Perez and Erika Rix, and with my thanks to them for generously sharing their sketches and making this project possible.)

Sally Russell

Technical Details:
Sally Russell ( England ), 105mm F/6 refractor @ 480x
Michael Rosolina ( West Virginia ), 8″ F/10 SCT @ 200-170x
Rich Handy ( California ), 12″ SCT @ 639x
Eric Graff ( California ), 6″ F/6 reflector @ 240x
Jeremy Perez ( Arizona ), 6″ F/8 Newtonian @ 240x
Erika Rix ( Ohio ), 70mm ETX @ 88x

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