February 4, 2013

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Where We Have Been

image by Praet Marnix, Belgium

Earthlings landed at six locations on the Moon, and sent intelligent spacecraft to a number of other locations. Praet has made this image as a poster to reflect this exploration history. Not all of the Luna, Surveyor and a few other spacecraft are included, and one of the indicated landing sites is slightly mislocated. But this chart serves to show how little of the lunar surface has been looked at on the ground, and of course, all of these landings have been only on the nearside. Contrast this with the first fifty years after Columbus' landing in the New World. There were many dozens of missions to the Americas with thousands of people visiting hundreds of locations. Trips were longer, and foot traverses (no rovers) covered thousands of miles. People stayed, built habitats, and reproduced. A new society began. Meanwhile back on the Moon...

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
12" newtonian + NEQ6 mount + DMK21 + IR pro filter in bad seeing conditions. LRGB mosaic made from 40X4 pictures stitching together with Registax

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