February 4, 2012

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A Holy Grail?

image by Mike Wirths, Baja California, Mexico

Rilles that run east to west usually aren't very visible because there aren't shadows cast filling their floors. According to Mike there is lively debate in some forums about what it takes to see this elusive Sheepshanks Rille. Well, Mike's 18" does a good job, as did Paolo Lazzarotti's 10" telescope. The rille runs through an older lava - compare with the younger, smoother, more mare ridged in the south half of the image. Whatever the force was that led to formation of the Sheepshank's and smaller nearby rilles, it was apparently not operating when the new lavas were deposited because no small rilles cut them.
Chuck Wood

Technical Details
Jan 29, 2012. 18" Starmaster dob (Zambuto optics) a Lumenera Infinity 2-2 camera, 4X's televue Powermate barlow, an R/IR filter. Processed with AviStack and PS CS.

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