February 27, 2016

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LPOD of the Month - April 2005

Originally published May 3, 2005


Image Credit: Tim Povlick

LPOD of the Month - April 2005

Here is the LPOD Image of the Month for April 2005! It is a great view of Archimedes and surrounding terrain under dramatic low sun illumination. Congratulations to Tim for an excellent image greatly enjoyed by LPODites! I also thank the 10 readers who voted for 11 different images. And I'd like to acknowledge the honorable mentions - Gerardo Sbarufatti (April 3), Francisco (Paco) Bellido (April 7), Peter van der Haar (April 10) and Zac Pujic (April 13). The amazing thing is that for nearly all of these imagers this is their first LPOD! This means that in addition to the previous LPOD imagers who have established themselves as highly successful there are more great lunar imagers appearing all the time! Visit the April 21 LPOD for the original caption.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details:
15 Apr 2005. TMB 228-f/9 refractor + Baader FFC barlow for f/27 + SBIG ST402-XM camera.

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Author & Editor:
Charles A. Wood



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