February 27, 2014

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A Lunar Fairy Tale

I have the flu or something and won't be able to do an LPOD for Friday, Feb 28 - sorry.
image by Mohamed Laaifat, Normandy (near Caen city), France

Squeezing the Moon through a chimney is like a snake digesting an elephant, but obviously it happened here. (Usually, the little red house is ON the Moon.) Perhaps Venus went through first, like a shiny chimney sweep, to clear a passageway. A reasonable question, of course, is what was the Moon doing in the house? It was a mistake, a natural one. The Moon had heard that it was supposed to travel from house to house and decided it better get started. When no one was looking it slipped under the door of a house in Normandy, found and ate some fresh-baked French pastries (read the captions), but them discovered itself too big to get out. Venus, like a cosmic Tinker Bell, heard the Moon's moans of frustration (and stomach pain from two many Éclair au Chocolats) and flew out of the sky and down the chimney to see what all the fuss was. When she heard that the Moon thought it had to visit 12 houses, Tink said, "Oh, that is just a fairy tale, in fact, a mindless belief of ignorant people. The Moon belongs in the sky - that is the nightly miracle that you offer the world. Hold your gut in - the far side is bulging out - and here is some fairy dust, now lets go home." Sadly everyone was indoors, addicted to the Internet, and failed to see Venus and the Moon shoot into the sky, where they've remained ever since.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
Feb 27, before dawn. Beautiful sky for beautiful conjunction of Moon and Vénus. Nikon D60, SIGMA 70-300mm.

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