February 27, 2013

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Snow Moon

image by Göran Strand, Frösön, Sweden

Last night, I held a lecture to an art club here in Östersund. Right after that I went home and changed into some more active-wear to go out and photograph the full Moon. The full Moon in February is called Snow Moon. I wanted to catch it in a snowy environment, so me and my friend Mattias went out on Storsjöns snow-covered ice. We went out on the lake with a kicksled along a plowed road on the lake. To go on a kicksled during a dark night in the moonlight is powerful feeling, you can hear the ice sounds and feel the biting cold in the face. As a bonus, a light mist came in over the lake just as we arrived.

Göran Strand

Technical Details
2013-02-25, 21:28:05. Nikon D3s camera with a Sigma 8mm/f3.5 circular fisheye lens. Exposure time 4 seconds at ISO 800.

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