February 24, 2015

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An Amateur's Moon

Originally published February 24, 2004


Image Credit: Alan Chu

An Amateur's Moon

Computer technology has empowered each of us to become a publisher. Alan Chu, a skilled observer and photographer from Hong Kong, has made available his own Photographic Moon Book. Alan has taken more than 60 excellent digital images of the Moon and has put them together in a pdf file that you can download and print out. I had Kinkos (a national print shop in the USA) print out and spiral bind Alan's files and I now have another wonderful Moon book! The Photographic Moon Book is 95 pages of photos (some NASA images and a few older drawings) with descriptions of craters, and explanations of librations, terminator, eclipses, etc. There is also a detailed description of how the images were taken and complete details for each one. The images were made between Feb 2000 and Jan 2004, and a tremendous amount of effort has been put into layout and design. When asked why he was distributing this wonderful book for free Alan replied that he has benefited from other's free materials on the web and he is pleased to put his own contribution online. He further says: My present book is more like a "warmup exercise" than a real lunar atlas. I hope that in future a higher resolution moon map can be published through teamwork based on the editing experience I gained so far. This is a remarkable accomplishment. Thank you, Alan Chu!

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Charles A. Wood



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