February 24, 2005

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Double Your Pleasure


Image Credit: Mario Santiago

Double Your Pleasure

The problem with lunar observing is that it is a night-time obsession - I mean, activity. But sometimes it is cloudy at night, or I’m tired then, or a feature I want to see is near the terminator hours earlier. This LPOD demonstrates that daylight is not an obstacle to excellent lunar imaging. The four image mosaic was taken by Mario in Portugal during late afternoon (5:30-5:43 pm local time) using a normal 8” telescope and a H-Alpha filter to increase the Moon’s contrast against the background sky. The image has had its contrast, gamma, and brightness enhanced, which also darkened the sky. The resolution of this broad field mosaic is excellent (and better still in the larger original view) – now someone should experiment with high resolution detailed imaging of individual features. Oh yes, another benefit of daytime imaging is that it can be done with a class during normal school hours!

Chuck Wood

Technical Details:
Feb 13, 2005. Newton Orion SkyView Pro 8' and Atik 2HS ccd. Readers with good short term memory may remember Mario’s previous LPOD of this area, which was taken 30-60 minutes later on the same day.

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Author & Editor:
Charles A. Wood



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