February 23, 2019

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Not the Aurora

Originally published December 15, 2009 LPOD-Dec15-09.jpg
image by Danny Caes, Ghent, Belgium

Here's a drawing of the radial spokes on the inner slopes of a very young cone-shaped crater. I made it on black paper with white pencil. Only the Earth was "painted" with white marker (white ink/paint); to appear as a very bright sun-reflecting half-lit sphere. The location of this possible young cone-shaped crater is somewhere near the limb of the moon, at the equatorial zone, hence the low altitude of Earth. The sun is shining in the zenith, and the whole of the crater's interior is sunlit. Only the high- and low-albedo "spokes" on the inner slopes are visible. In the foreground one could see a field of rocks and boulders. This is the part of the rim which is the boundary between the observer and the cone-shaped crater's abyss. The lowest point of the crater's bottom is not visible. Low mountains are visible in the distance.

Danny Caes

Technical Details
Drawing made on saturday the 12th of December 2009.

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