February 20, 2019

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Planning a Lunar Christmas

Originally published December 12, 2009 LPOD-Dec12-09.jpg
image by Saul Obregon, Santiago de Queretaro, Mexico (20°N 100°W).

Yesterday was the normal rush of submitting abstracts at the last minute for the next Lunar & Planetary Science Conference, and today was busy with hiring interviews (helping the economy!) and messy staff meetings. So I am being lazy, selecting a relaxing Mexican Moonrise panorama from a new contributor to LPOD. There are no quixotic quests to try to read Japanese or deduce the identification of a partial view of a crater (it was Jackson yesterday). The shape of the tree at left reminds me of Christmas. What Moon related gifts would LPOD readers like to receive or give? We can assume that The Modern Moon is at the top of every list, but what else is there? What do you recommend as a guide, atlas, map, history, kid's read, must have and nice to have? Post your recommendations (with a short reason why) to the Discussion section and hope that Santa still reads LPOD.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
1 December 2009, 23:56 UTC (-6), Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XTi, Canon 18-55 objetive at 50mm, f/10, ISO400, 1/1200s

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