February 20, 2013

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image by Mike Wirths, Baja California, Mexico

A few days ago LPODfeatured an unusual, relatively steep dome draped with pyroclastics. Mike wanted to capture that, and boy, did he ever get it. This near terminator image shows that the little dome (#1) is just one of many micro-treasures in the area. Another, more traditional dome or swell (2) lies to the east with its sharp edge suggesting it was surrounded by later lavas. On the lava covered plateau to the north lies Ina (3), and just above it, running about horizontally on this image, is a very faint linear (5), not seen any better on the LRO QuickMap. Is it a rille? Well seen in another alcove in the Apennine backslope is the Conon Rille (4) and below it are two elongated collapses that are well seen in QuickMap. Mike's image also reveals all sorts of little lumps and gullies (6) throughout Mare Vaporum. These are either remnants of lava flows or flows draped over hills and craters below. Finally, at the bottom of the image is a short trough that is probably an old vent. I just wrote "finally" but this list of 7 features in no way exhausts all the fascinating landforms from Mike's high powered telescope orbiting in Mexico.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
Feb 18, 2013.

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