February 19, 2006

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Moon Phase Maps

Moon Phase map
Half of Moon Phase Map for day 6

There can never be too many maps of the Moon. This set of 18 photographic charts shows the Moon from day 2 to day 15 (full). Each chart is about 11.5 x 8.5 inches and is well printed on very glossy paper. Major craters along the terminator are clearly identified with large type. Photomaps covering from full to new are less often needed and so are not part of the set, but they are available online. These image maps are handy for use at the telescope or at the desk. In this second edition, the maps are slightly smaller but the images better printed than in the original edition. The quality of the images is about what many amateurs can now produce so the set may be an inspiration for creating your own charts. That would be a great personal present to a niece or nephew, scout leader or

Chuck Wood

Technical Details:
About $20 from Astrovisuals
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