February 18, 2009

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image by Mario Weigand, Offenbach am Main, Germany

A few weeks ago LPOD featured images of the infrequently documented Eddington area. Now Mario astounds with this magnificent panorama of the same region along the western margin of Oceanus Procellarum. Seleucus (left foreground) is especially amazing, with its very sharply defined edge of its glacis (continuous ejecta deposit). The crater almost looks like it was cut from another image and pasted here. The glacis of Briggs, about the same diameter at upper right, is much less regular with mare lavas having embayed low spots between ridges. I am working on a proposal due Friday so will let you explore more of this wondrous scene yourself.
Chuck Wood

Technical Details
01/09/2009. Celestron C14 XLT with DMK 31 AF03.
CAW says: I am grateful for my 24" monitor!

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