February 17, 2014

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Four in a Row

left image by Adam Tomaszewski, Poznan, Poland; right image LRO QuickMap

Berzelius? Is it true that this is a crater never featured on LPOD? Seems to be so, although it was mentioned at least once. The lack of attention is understandable for it is a relatively shallow feature with a pretty flat floor. But in new LPOD contributor Adam's image above - excerpted from a mosaic of the entire waxing phase - I noted that the floor has a low ridge near the western rim, and there is a faint scratch on the floor. Intrigued by the scratch I looked at the LRO Quickmap (with its new design and features) and found a rille-like feature on Berzelius' floor. But also just to the top of the crater rim there is a small crater chain with about the same alignment as the scratch. The chain may be secondaries from Atlas, about 300 km to the north, but the scratch doesn't look like a crater chain. Linear rilles usually for in an extensive or volcanic environment, but this doesn't seem like either.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
Feb 4, 2014. Synta 8" f/5 + Point Grey Chameleon + red filter. Astraimage 3.0 Pro, FitsWork and Photoshop CS5

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