February 15, 2005

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Image Credit: NASA AS12-47-6938


Oops – I thought Valentine’s Day was today – so this is a belated and enigmatic V-card from the Moon. Here is what Al Bean and Pete Conrad said about the heart-shaped crater (with thanks from Eric Jones and the Apollo 12 Lunar Surface Journal):

118:15:26 Bean: Looks like a secondary impact crater that occurred recently.

118:15:28 Conrad: Yeah. Some of them do, don't they?

118:15:30 Bean: They do. This one looks like fresh...Doesn't have that old look like all the rest do.

118:15:33 Conrad: Come on. Let's go. (Garbled)

118:15:34 Bean: There's some of that glass in the bottom of there.

[During this very brief stop, Al takes AS12-47-6938. In Al's picture, Pete is standing just beyond the secondary crater, facing away from Al and possibly taking a photo of the rocks at his feet...]

Chuck Wood

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