February 12, 2014

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Rhapsody in Blue and Gold

image by Maximilian Teodorescu, Dumitrana, Romania

For a long time now I've failed in acquiring any new lunar images, mainly due to the fog, clouds or low temperatures. So I've decided to look back in time at some images, and try to reprocess them.

This is how I found the following images, depicting the abrupt color boundary between Mare Serenitatis and Mare Tranquillitatis. They also show the region around Lamont, with it's ghostly spots around it, part of which are present in the Apollo 11 landing area. Also 8 or more domes are just visible near Rupes Cauchy. The entire image, despite it's low to moderate resolution, is filled with rimas or faults.

Maximilian Teodorescu

Technical Details
November 14, 2011, 23:20-23:28 U.T. 12" Newtonian @F/15 and DBK 41 AU02.AS with UV-IR cut filter. 2 image composition, 40% out of 3000 frames each image. Seeing 4-5/10. The color was extracted from the infrared data, so the exact colors might be a little off, but they definitely present true albedo differences, and not only that but true color differences.

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