February 10, 2012

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Cold Moments of Great Views

image by Peter Rosén, Stockholm, Sweden

On the 4th of february I was observing and taking pictures of Venus and Jupiter. The turbulence was quite strong so the photographs did not turn out very good. Before giving up and returning to the warmth indoors, I pointed the telescope at the Moon and decided to stay on a little longer and give it a try. A little longer proved to be almost 3 hours at -12°C! During short breaks in the turbulence, lasting only fractions of a second, some amazing details showed up on the computer screen, probably the best I have ever seen. The thrill just made me forget the cold; it will take me a while to process all the captures.

Peter Rosén

Technical Details
2012-02-04. Orion Optics CT 10" f/4.8 Newton telescope with a DMK-41AF02 camera a 2.5x Televue Powermate and a red filter. For capture and stacking: Astro IIDC and postprocessed in Photoshop.

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