February 1, 2012

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The Moon Shines Over Us All

image by Yuce Doruk and Onur Atilgan, Izmir, Turkey

In my country, amateur astronomy has been rising from day to day. As an astronomy group in Turkey, we still protect solidarity with Moon and the Earth. They are our reason for living amateur astronomy. This photo demonstrates the usefulness of sharing. I had a telescope for a long time but I did not have a camera and a imaging experience. In our amateur astronomy group, our big master brother sent me his planetary camera for taking Moon photos, and another brother, who lives in same city with me, helped me with his experience. That was our astronomy fellowship. We have been still sharing our tools and experience. The fullmoon light caused that, and that will never go out.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
August 13, 2011 23:35 UT. Orion 10" Newtonian, Baader IR-Pass Filter, DMK41AU02, Orion Atlas mount.

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