December 6, 2015

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Roris Rump

Originally published December 17, 2004


Image Credit: Paolo Lazzarotti

Roris Rump

Is Rumker a unique feature, or just the largest dome on the Moon? Its large size (70 km) and complex - pimpled - topography suggests that it is at least different in scale from classical domes. The only comparable lunar bump is the same-sized Gardner Megadome. The origin of the Megadome is uncertain, but Rumker has the same spectral signature as the mare to the west, and is undoubtedly volcanic. The individual little rises on Rumker do look like un-cratered domes, which Lena and others estimate to rise 300-400 m above their bases. Although there seems to be no other topo information, Rumker appears to perhaps be twice as high as these little pimples. As with the Aristarchus Plateau it is difficult to estimate how much of Rumker's overall elevation results from eruptions piling up magma around a vent and how much is uplift.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details:
Nov 24, 2004. Planewton DL-252 telescope + Lumenera LU075M camera + Schott RG715 IR filter. Stack of 500 out of 4450 frames.

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Author & Editor:
Charles A. Wood



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