December 6, 2008

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The Envelope Please

image by Out of the Cradle

Science fiction movies and books have inspired many scientists and engineers as well as others who simply are fascinated by space exploration. Ken Murphy is one of the latter, and also an active promoter of humanity's movement into space. For the last three years he has compiled a listing of his selections of the best lunar (and space exploration) related materials. This year's recommendations include Phil Stooke's magisterial International Atlas of Lunar Exploration, Moonposter & Map by John Moore, and The Far Side of the Moon - A Photographic Guide by Charles Byrne - all LPOD supporters. Ken is also impressed by the DVD release of a 1969 British film I've never heard of, Moon Zero Two. The film poster looks like the sensationalistic covers on 1930s and 40s science fiction magazines - which sometimes contained outstanding stories - maybe this does too...

Chuck Wood

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