December 30, 2015

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It's Just a Phase

Originally published February 21, 2005


Image Credit: Howard Eskildsen

It's Just a Phase

The public is often ignorant of the most basic facts of science. A scientifically literate public is important to fight school boards which try to force intelligent design and creationism down our children’s minds. Also, a public that has at least a rudimentary appreciation of science is more likely to politically support funding for federal science research and education, both now being reduced in the USA. Amateur astronomers have a number of ways we can help educate the public. One favorite is holding star parties for schools and museums, but Harold Eskildsen has found an additional way – making a poster about lunar phases for his local science center. I like this poster because it artistically ties the familiar phase diagram of the Moon in different positions around the Earth with Harold’s photos taken with a typical amateur telescope. I haven’t asked Harold, but I bet he can supply a larger digital version for others who would like to contribute one to their local science centers or schools. Has anyone else developed educational lunar projects?

Chuck Wood

Technical Details:
All images taken with a 6" Meade Refractor except for the last quarter which was obtained through Jose Olivarez's 8" reflector.

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Author & Editor:
Charles A. Wood



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