December 3, 2022

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Schröter Incarnate

Originally published January 8, 2013 LPOD-Jan8-13.jpg
south up drawing by Frank McCabe

I set up to sketch Rupes Recta in wonderful light and shadow on this fine night. From the eastern edge of Mare Nubium you can see the triplet craters, Thebit (57 km), A and L. The scarp face would be visible from the rim of young crater Birt (17 km) to the west of "straight wall" if you could get there. Touching the rim of Birt to the east is Birt A.

Frank McCabe
Note from CAW: LPSC abstracts submitted! Frank's drawing immediately reminded me of Schröter's clean drawings of 220 years ago.

Technical Details
11-22-2012 01:00-02:45 UT. 13.1" f/6 Dobsonian working at 222X (9mm ocular). For this sketch I used: black Canson paper (8" x 10"), white and black pastel pencils, assorted erasers, and blending stumps.

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