December 27, 2020

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Prize Winner

Originally published June 9, 2011 LPOD-Jun9-11.jpg

When LPOD began I wrote that it would feature people involved in the study of the Moon, as well as the images and discoveries they made. But only a few stories of people have actually appeared so today's LPOD helps correct that inbalance. In late May, active LPOD contributor Maurice Collins received the prestigious Murray Geddes Prize from the Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand. In this picture Maurice, dressed as Sam Bell, received the award from RASNZ President Glen Rowe, who recognized Maurice's discovery of Shannen Ridge, his work with supersaturated lunar images, processing LRO images and altimetry with the Lunar Terminator Visualization Tool (LTVT), and his contributions to LPOD. I agree whole-heartedly with this award selection and join with the RASNZ in applauding Maurice's enthusiastic work that is scientifically interesting and encourages wider interest in the Moon.

Chuck Wood

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