December 25, 2020

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Streaming Debris

Originally published June 7, 2011 LPOD-Jun7-11.jpg
LRO NAC image from NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University

Remember the version of this frame to see below the bouldery material unusual, thin veneers of landslide material that smoothes out underlying gullies and is crossed by bouncing boulder trains and more dark streamers. On the left this top area is bright, making the dark streamers more conspicuous. The top part of the streams is very roughly about the same level all around the crater wall, suggesting that it may be a layer originally at that level. On the upper left rocky dark streamers radiate away from the crater edge and a few are aligned with ones inside the crater. This is a fascinating feature and it will be intriguing to see if the dark streamers occur at about the same level on the other side of the crater.

Chuck Wood
Warning: I will be at a meeting near Baltimore, Maryland until Friday evening and may not have a chance to do an LPOD every night.

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