December 22, 2020

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Oniric Metamorphosis

Originally published June 4, 2011 LPOD-jun4-11.jpg
image by Alejandro Meira, Ourense - Spain

I don't have any idea what Oniric Metamorphosis is but I think I've had days like this. According to Wikipedia, onirism was a Romainian surrealistic shool of writing, but this image seems more in line with the second definition: In psychiatry, onirism refers to a mental state in which visual hallucinations occur while fully awake. Alejandro's composite can have multiple interpretations but the distorted Moon doesn't seem to refer to lunacy but to something darker and more obscure. In America a cult leader confidently predicted that the end of the world would occur last month. It didn't, but if the sky ever looked like this, I'd be worried.

Chuck Wood

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