December 2, 2016

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A New Chu

Originally published January 19, 2007

images from Alan Chu, Hong Kong

Regularly I am astonished with the work of imagers who send their best to LPOD. Today’s LPOD provides more than astonishment, it is a gift of great value. Chu Wing Hung, a Hong Kong amateur astronomer, known in the West as Alan Chu, has updated his free online Photographic Moon Book with so many enhancements since LPOD first described it nearly three years ago that it is a major new publication. As a photographic atlas of the Moon it has many excellent features. The new book has 235 pages with 165 being devoted to systematic imaging and description of the lunar surface, which Alan has divided into 30 sections. Each section begins with an overview image identifying all the named features (right image above) and is followed by four to six pages of closeup images and short descriptions (left image). The remarkable thing is that Alan took nearly all the images himself with his 10″ reflector on the roof of a Hong Kong skyscraper. He also includes images from Apollo and Lunar Orbiter, and sections on the Moon’s movements, lunar geology, the farside, and imaging the Moon. I suggest everyone download Alan’s wonderful book (from either Hong Kong or the USA), have it printed out double-sided and then spiral bound, and then enjoy it as a reference for the desktop or at the telescope. And don’t forget to send Alan a thank you email!

Chuck Wood

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