December 15, 2004

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All But Armstrong



Image Credit: Bruno Daversin

All But Armstrong

The last human mission to the Moon ended 32 years ago this week, and it will probably be the last one of my lifetime. It is almost historically unbelievable that humans have turned their backs on the universe. As a species, over hundreds of future years, we will colonize the solar system and beyond. Perhaps it will be Chinese or Indians who do it, but it will be done. I at least had the satisfaction of witnessing the beginning of human exploration of space - the most audacious journey in human history - Apollo 11. And here is where they landed. The target site had been carefully selected in a flat, topographically boring part of Mare Tranquillitatis, but as fuel was running out there was little tranquility on the Eagle for alarms were ringing and large boulders littered the landing site. Neil Armstrong calmly did as he had been trained, and flew Eagle to a safer landing site. He radioed, Houston. Tranquillity Base here. The Eagle has landed."

Chuck Wood

Technical Details:
Sept 4, 2004. Ludiver Observatory 600 mm (24") Schmidt-Cassegrain & B&W webcam. The crater Collins is 2.4 km wide, and the small pits west of it are 400 m wide...

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Author & Editor:
Charles A. Wood



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