August 9, 2014

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A Course Full of Input

image by Alain Paillou, France

Perhaps I am repeating myself but I am impressed by the image quality that can come from entry level equipment. This broad synoptic view was acquired by a first-time LPOD contributor with a low cost 6" schmidt-cass and a small camera. And yet the tonality is very good and the resolution is better than I can see with my 6" scopes, with the Hadley, Triesnecker and Hyginus rilles being easily seen. There are many features here that have been described in hundreds of LPODs, this one mosaic could provide a course on lunar geology.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
Nexstar 6 se (SCT 6") with a QHY5L-II color camera (and noname barlow 2x). Acquisition is always the same : gain about 70%, about 10-15ms, about 500 images.

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