August 9, 2013

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Baking the Moon

image by Deborah

This is such a good picture and story that I am quoting verbatim a description by the mom, Deborah, who submitted it to the It's a piece of cake website in 2011:

This was for my son's 10th birthday. He wanted a space party. At the party, Mission Control sent a message that the moon had spun out of orbit and the earth was flooding and it was dark at night and people were scared. So we traveled to all the different planets, solving puzzles, playing games and getting clues where to look. When we finally found the moon it was made out of cake so we ate it. This is a chocolate fudge cake with white chocolate chips covered in buttercream.

If the Moon isn't your piece of cake, try Jupiter.

Chuck Wood
PS - I received a volcano cake for my recent birthday, connecting to my old and continuing love for volcanoes. Other folks, probably mostly under 8 years old, have received them too.

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