August 7, 2013

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The Sparrow, the Moon And the Awning

image by Miguel Claro, Portugal

At first sight and due to its particular "comet" shape, we could imagine that the long "white to orange" tail in the left center of the image, would be from the century´s comet, the ISON. At least, all of us have already heard that the most optimistic predictions seem to pointing to a comet ith a brightness as strong as the Moon. Well, either or not, it will be a great sky show indeed, providing good opportunities for images like that. In the left top corner of this image we could find in the arms of this dead tree, a sleepy sparrow, the perfect model for a night-long exposure. Below right, the great trail with a "comet shape" isn't from the ISON yet, but actually the path of the Moon against a starry sky. As it goes down, the brightness drops and the color stays more yellow, and near the horizon can even reach a red tone. At right, the strange white shape, is from a awning of the Monte Falperras rural hotel, in Mourão, one of the great places to rest in the Alqueva Dark Sky Reserve in Portugal. Here is a 13 second time lapse compression of the nearly 100 minute exposure.

Miguel Claro

Technical Details
This startrail image composed by 195 images from 30 seconds each, was capturing in 15th July 2013 at 23h11, during the moonset.

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