August 6, 2004

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Moon Resort


Image Credit: Michael Henderson

Moon Resort

Tourism to the Moon is, regrettably, still far in the future. But the Moon is the inspiration for a resort that will be the most luxurious, most expensive, and most scientifically oriented ever. Michael Henderson, a developer from Toronto, Canada, has become enchanted with the Moon as a theme for a huge Bahamas-based real estate and resort development that is rapidly moving ahead. This multi-billion dollar effort will include casino, theme park (neutral buoyancy pool), conference hotel, golf courses, aquatic center, 50 restaurants, entertainment complexes and 22,000 condominiums, starting at $1,250,000! The yellow spheres on the outer ring island each hold 250 condos of 5000 square feet area. As the artist's drawing shows the Moon is the design motif for this Earth-based out of the world wonder. Michael visited Biosphere 2 in Tucson and I have talked with him about including an observatory and informal (and maybe formal) education programs about the Moon and science in general. Moon Bahamas could unite the world best in tourism and living with the world best in inspired science education.

Chuck Wood

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