August 5, 2014

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Little World, Big World

image by Kerryn Murphy, Perth WA, Australia

This simple shot shows something important. Actually, two things. First, Saturn is much fainter than areas near the bright lunar limb, and the giant, ringed planet is remarkably small by comparison to lunar craters. It is slightly smaller than Piccolomini near the bottom left at the top end of the bright Altai Scarp. Kerryn labeled this is a raw image, and I resisted my normal urge to enhance, so as not to affect the brightness values. This is actually the second time this year that Kerryn captured the Moon and Saturn, and that earlier LPOD discussed the brightness differences. And I and others have previously remarked about how the Moon is much more of a place with landscapes than is any other world seen from Earth. But it is also true that seeing the Moon near anything is somehow thrilling, whether it is other planets, the Pleiades, or even Earth. The common factors are our satellite - and our recognition of beauty.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
August 4, 2014. 8"Dobsonian. Canon IXUS75 handheld to 20mm eyepiece. Single shot

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