August 31, 2012

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Moon Over New Zealand

image byKerry Koppert, New Plymouth, New Zealand

Kerry Koppert is another New Zealand amateur who is keen on making full-disk mosaics of the Moon. He has been doing it for several years and is getting better and better all the time. In this wonderful image from 29th August he has captured the Moon in all its grand gibbous splendor! I was out observing that night, but didn't image as I only had a short session, but Kerry has captured what I was seeing beautifully. Here in NZ we have a growing band of amateur astronomers who are trying their hand at lunar imaging and observing. Hopefully we will see more from them on LPOD as they continue to practice the art. By recording the Moon every clear night we are building up an archive of images that could be useful in research in the future. In the days of old, of sketches were not terribly accurate, so the Moon was thought to have undergone changes (eg Linné). By recording the Moon with images continuously around the world we will have more evidence to support or refute any such claims made in the future, and clear up some of those of the past by observing the Moon at similar repeat lighting conditions.

Maurice Collins

Technical Details
11.5 day Moon, 2012 August 29, 0730 - 0744UT. Celestron C8, DMK31AU03.

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