August 30, 2014

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They're Back

image by Mohamed Laaifat, Normandy, France

At the end of the war of the worlds we thought we had won. The aliens died, killed by the tiniest Earthlings, microbes that could penetrate their defenses when our weapons could not. But now the martians have returned, the heat rays beaming from their red eyes blazing through the night. They had not died but became dormant until constant bombardment by radio signals caused rapid mutations of their genes to evolve resistance to the microbes. Of course, there had been radio broadcasts in 1953 when the martians first arrived, but it wasn't until the complete saturation of radio signals with the widespread use of cell phones that the rate of mutations increased enough to re-animate the martians. Now with resistance to our microbes, Earth has no defense accept to immediately cease all cell phone use, but many addicted users prefer to take their chances with the martians rather than give up...

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
Nikon D60 and sigma 70-300mm

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