August 29, 2013

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Broad Region of Pink

south up image by Christian Arsidi, France

Christian stacked together 36 images to create a color mosaic of the entire nearside, but I selected only the bottom half of them to show you. I enhanced the contrast, bringing out the subtle real color. While the different colors of lavas within Mare Imbrium are well known, Christian's image shows a wide region of the northeast quadrant of the Moon has a delicate pink coloration. The pink runs from a portion of Sinus Roris, skips over to eastern Imbrium and eastern and far eastern Frigoris, and Palus Somniorum. This pink area is perhaps the largest colored province on the Moon. These natural pink soils are mapped as false color orange, low-titanium lavas in the famous Galileo multi-spectral mosaic.
Chuck Wood
Happy 50th Anniversary of ML King's I Have a Dream Speech!

Technical Details
20 August, 2013. TSA 102 mm x 1.5 Apo converter and a Nikon D7100.

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