August 24, 2009

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Quad 3

barrel distorted and low resolution image by Chuck Wood

Beer and Mädler published a lunar map in four quadrants in 1837, and so did the Lunar and Planetary Lab in the 1960s. Lunar Designations and Positions combined the eleven Neison, Beer & Mädler). And the IAU accepted the System of Lunar Craters and its maps as the new official IAU nomenclature. These quadrants and the 44 maps they came from are the only complete depiction of nearside lunar nomenclature for hills, rilles and valleys - the IAU has never revised them.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
Sky & Telescope sold these maps periodically since the late 1960s, including as recently as 2-3 years ago when I bought these; they now seem to be out of print again.

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